A line extension of our Pao series, the Pao Portable Lamp by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa is inspired by the look of traditional Mongolian Pao tents. This inspiration is taken a step further with the movability of the Pao Portable Lamp, a light that can be used anywhere - both indoors and out. Made from steel for durability, the Pao Portable Lamp features a clean design that expertly hides the light switch within the shade. It comes in a range of colours to suit any space, and gives a warm, pleasant light that would be ideal for home, office, or other commercial spaces such as restaurants. There are also two Pao line extensions: The new Pao Pendant comes in a larger size, ideal for hotel, restaurant, conference room, and large home areas.

The second addition is the Pao Floor Lamp, available in either steel or glass and two colourways. Kindly note that this product will launch in North America this February, and is expected to retail in all remaining markets in summer 2022.lasting in both construction and style.