For designer and artist José Lévy the Fontainebleau collection is a very personal project, since he designed the outdoor furniture for his own country house near Fontainebleau. “I love the natural environments here, but I am also very attracted by the vibrant city of Paris, just a one hour drive away. I am very intrigued by the way nature can be implemented in the city.” Designed to fit in both environments, the Fontainebleau collection consists of six individual elements: a sofa, a chair, a stool, a round table, a daybed and a side table. All considered to create small architectural compositions meeting the different functions of a living room in a garden: rest, eat, work and play. Alone or with others. As a designer José Lévy has no celebrity ambitions creating objects that draw all the attention. On the contrary, Lévy loves to create functional objects that are neither boring nor bling bling. “I never impose a single strategy to use my designs. I enjoy watching others interpreting my work. I provide the letters for people to create their own words. Anyone is free to create a very own universe with the furniture.” A universe that is not strictly limited to those sunny summer days. Both the material – steel – and the colour – a deep shade of green – allow the Fontainebleau collection to stay outside, even in winter. “I love the way these items blend in with nature.” The perforations in the steel surfaces lead to a very light and modular collection that can easily be moved according to different occasions. “Those little dots in the surface can also evoke a play of shadow and light, especially when placed under a tree”, Lévy adds. To ensure an optimal relaxing comfort the collection was equipped with two different types of cushions: firm ones for the seats and softer ones to linger around backand armrests. “As if you would take your own pillow from the bed and bring it into your garden.”