MIND THE GAP BY NATHALIE DU PASQUIER Mutina and Nathalie Du Pasquier renovates their collaboration with a new special project: Mind the gap, a permanent installation exclusively realised by the artist for Vittoria subway station in Brescia, featuring Mattonelle Margherita. Mind the gap redefines the fruition of the space through original compositions of shapes and colours, obtained by using the ceramic elements of the collection. The installation invites all the passengers who encounter it in their everyday life to change perspective and be open to new levels of experience, transforming the entrance of the subway into an “other” space that fluctuates between figuration and abstraction. Nathalie Du Pasquier works with ceramics starting from the simplicity and functionality of the material, exploring the infinite possible applications thanks to the collaboration with Mutina, that supported her in the development of the installation. The modules of Mattonelle Margherita have been used to transform the space, shaping it with patterns and colours: in this way ceramic becomes an element for architectural construction, defining a new unexpected geometric landscape. Inaugurated on February 17th 2022, Mind the gap is part of SUBBRIXIA, a journey through the visions of contemporary art that winds it way underground in the 17 stations of the Brescia subway. SUBBRIXIA is a project promoted and supported by UBI Fondazione CAB and realized with the Municipality of Brescia, Brescia Mobilità and Metro Brescia, with the curatorial coordination of NERO. Launched in 2015 by Brescia Musei with a series of site-specific interventions for the subway stations, today it is configured as a permanent collection of public art for the city, closely linked to one of the main vectors of its change. “The experience of Mind the gap will involve the everyday life of all those people who, entering the subway station, will be invited to interpret the installation on different levels: from paying attention to the actual “gap” to simply observing and being aware of its presence”. Chiara Rusconi, member of UBI Fondazione CAB